Business Scenario

September 10th, 2021

ACRA had APPROVED Company name, however we decided to change it. Please advise how can we proceed ?

Approved company name will be LOCK for 120 days . And if any changes needed during this period ,WITHDRAWN OF THE NAME will needed to be done by SAME APPLICANT and re-apply the company name again .

HOW to appoint Employment Pass holder to be director for its related company ?

HOLDING COMPANY like to register subsidiary company , and they intend to transfer 1 of employee with Employment pass to become  director for subsidiary company, please advise how to proceed ?

According to MOM regulation, Employment pass holder only allowed to work under issued applicant company name .

If management intend to transfer the employment pass holder to work under same group of company, they must apply with MOM under “ letter consent for directorship”

How to decide in between Partnership and pte ltd ?

3 Important point to consider

  1. Number of business partner / owner
  2. Decision making structure
  3. Business future planing

Number of Business Partners

If 2 interested party, and try to save management cost, partnership will be right choice . However 1 of major disadvantage is all income will be charges on personal tax level.

Decision Making Structure

Pte Ltd is your preference if decision making structure is your major concern.

Company constitution is set of regulation applicable to all Pte Ltd in running the company.

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Business Future Planing

There is NO succession concept in Partnership.

Death of partnership will will cause cessation of business.

Whereas Pte Ltd allowed to transfer ownership via share transfer .

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