All the Singapore Company can increase their capital via issue of Ordinary Shares or Preference Shares. Ordinary Shares is the most common choice, if you held 1% of the Ordinary Share it means that you will have 1% of Company’s revenue .However this may be different from Preference Share which treated more like a loan

How to decide number of company share

How many shares should a newly registered company issue? Is common question for all business owner . Number of share represent total fund you willing to invest into Company . With effect from 2006, Companies Act had abolished par value of the share , which means that value of shares is varied and is decided

Type of Company shares

WHAT IS SHARE Share refer to ownership in the Company . TYPE OF SHARES Ordinary Shares Is the most common share in Singapore registered company . In general, 1 ordinary share represent 1 vote . Ordinary shareholder eligible for the right for dividend and right to claim the remaining assets when the company is wound

How to register Company ? – Your Question Answered Here

Q1 : Must a newly setup company Appoint Auditor ? Answer : No, Please click here for more detail Q2 : What is Ordinary shares vs Preference Shares ? Answer : Ordinary shares is common to all Singapore Company which normally carry 1 vote Whereas Preference Shares attached with certain additional right for example right

What to do to Create Register Registrable of Controller ?

How to create and what to take note is the next important question to ask before establish the Register registrable of Controller . The following give you briefly idea. STEP 1 Please check is the Company have any other SIGNED shareholder Agreement other than the bespoke Company Memorandum and Article of Association / constitution. Dig deeply the regulation

Pte Ltd vs Sole Proprietorship

Popularity of Pte Ltd is always ahead of sole proprietor . Why ? TAX RATE ON COMPANY VS PERSONAL Company will be tax at a flat rate of 17% of its chargeable income. Click here for basic guide in Corporate tax Whereas all profit from sole proprietor will be tax on personal level. The higher


Keen to join Singapore Entrepreneurship ? here is the list of business vehicle option . OPTION 1 : PTE LTD According to the ACRA records, Pte Ltd is the top choice for public among others option . carry separate legal entity concept which means that it can stand alone and separate from its director and
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