Disqualification of Director

WHAT IS DISQUALIFICATION Refer to person who is prohibited from acting as director and being involvement in the company management regardless directly or indirectly HOW WILL THE DISQUALIFIED DIRECTOR BEEN NOTIFIED ACRA will send notification letter with displayed of disqualified period ( starting date and ending date ) Disqualification by bankruptcy will notified by Official

What is shareholder right ?

Shareholder refer to someone who owned the Company shares. And you are eligible to the following right : Right may not conferred if you are appointed as Nominee shareholder and please note that the following right may also not apply to companies other than company limited by shares. RIGHT TO ATTEND MEETING shareholder have right

Directors’ Fees vs Directors’ Salary

WHAT IS SALARY ? Salary refer to monthly amount of money given to Company employee based on his assigned job scope in the Company . WHAT IS DIRECTOR FEES ? Director fees is paid in recognized your capacity as Company Director . HOW TO DECIDE BETWEEN DIRECTOR FEES OR REMUNERATION ? Director salary and Director

What is Shareholder Agreement

Following is the basic document you are required to sign before company registration : F45 ( consent to act as director ) Company Constitution Scenario : Aside from the above 2 documents, MR A been asked to sign shareholder agreement . Question : WHAT IS SHAREHOLDER AGREEMENT ? Shareholder Agreement is another internal documents with

How To Remove Company Director

Background : Mr A try to contact Mr B ( another appointed director ) who is “missing ” . And due to his ” absent ” , Company facing the following problem Not able to present signed report to shareholder Not able to meet the quorum for director meeting HOW TO REMOVE HIM FROM THE

Local Resident Director vs Foreign Director

Appointment of local resident director is compulsory for all Singapore registered Pte ltd company . DEFINITION OF LOCAL RESIDENT DIRECTOR : Local residential director refer to someone who ordinary stay in Singapore which include Singaporean, Singapore PR and EntrePass Holder ( Employment Pass holder must apply letter consent from MOM) BASIC REQUIREMENT FOR BEING LOCAL

What is Shareholder Agreement ?

WHAT IS SHAREHOLDER AGREEMENT Shareholder agreement is treated as supplement legal document for company constitution. Is a agreement between shareholder with the  Company , it does not means must include  ALL shareholder , it can be prepared based on  their control interest level, type of shareholding etc.   IS THE SHAREHOLDER AGREEMENT COMPULSORY ? It
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