How shareholder getting return from Company

Company is running by appointed company director. And shareholder is the one who willing to invest fund to have the company operate. Director is getting remuneration for their services, how about shareholder ? How they getting return from their investment fund? How company distribute return to its shareholder? A) Dividend Payment Dividend is the accumulated

Resignation Director vs Removal of Director

Resignation director is a process where director is sending their intention to leave the board. Reason can be any of the following : health issue better opportunities retirement How to proceed ? As long as company received notice of resignation then resolution to approve his resignation will be prepared. Resignation of director will take effect

How director making decision

Director is the one who engaged to run the company, how should director make decision in comply with company act especially if there is more than 1 director on board ? Type of decision : change bank signing mandate change registered address getting loan from Bank change company objective change supplier How to make decision

Is director consider self employed

. Every Pte ltd have list of appointed officer ( director, company secretary , auditor ) and each of them holding different responsible role towards company . List of officer is engaged under Company name and in return company paying salary/ services fees for their services . Question : Is director consider self employed ?

Is director responsible for company debt

If you are engaged as company director services , you must wondering ” Will i liable for the company liabilities / debt ?” You may argue that Pte Ltd is carry separate legal entity concept, so i free from all the company’s liabilities. But there is always exemption scenario : When the director acting as
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