Shareholder vs member

The terms shareholders and members are commonly used as synonyms. By received copy of share certificate DOES NOT means that you are officially knowns as member of the Company. Definition of Shareholder : Shareholder refer to someone who own company share . However shareholder does not means is the member of the company . Definition

Why ACRA reject Company name application

Right business name is important for company image. Company name will show the following information : principal activities (consist of wording like import & export, trading, fishing) Company structure (consist of wording holding means this company owned subsidiary company) Although management is allowed to change company name but UEN number will remain the same .Reason

How to decide Date of Incorporation

You may need certain degree of courage to start entrepreneur journey. First you need to decide When is the best time to register the company. We all living in digital world now, and company registration can be done anytime from any part of the world. Just click on So, you have 100% control on date

How shareholder getting return from Company

Company is running by appointed company director. And shareholder is the one who willing to invest fund to have the company operate. Director is getting remuneration for their services, how about shareholder ? How they getting return from their investment fund? How company distribute return to its shareholder? A) Dividend Payment Dividend is the accumulated

Why register holding company in Singapore

What is holding company? A holding company is a company that controls: The composition of the board of directors of another company (also known as the subsidiary company); or More than half of the voting power of the subsidiary company. An ultimate holding company is a holding company that is not itself a subsidiary of

Common Mistake during Company Registration

Spelling Mistake First step to start entreprenuer journey is choose of company name . Must avoid any name with confusing spelling : example : Management may decide to have ABC SG Ptd Ltd instead of ABC Singapore Pte Ltd Registered address Do not confuse registered address with mailing address . Related article : Different type
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