How to confirm that i am Company Member


If you think you received share certificate means that you are the company’s member ? Then you are wrong .

Do you know that person only recognized as company member after his name entered into Statutory register member ?

What is Statutory Register member?

Is one of the statuorty book required to keep by all Pte Ltd company.

  • Register member consist of member’s particular as follow :
  • name
  • residential address
  • number of shareholding
  • amount of paid up

Where register member kept ?

Copy of E Register member was kept in ACRA records.

Company is required to update within 14 days if there is any change in member .

How to become company member ?

You may become company member via allotment of share or share transfer

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Question asked :

What is different between shareholder and member of the Company ?

Shareholder refer to someone who owned the share . He may be holding on behalf of someone else.

Member refer to someone whose name entered into statutory register member which means he is the actual owner of the share .

Company member means controller of the Company ?

Click here to check how to define who is controller of the Company.

All company have shareholder ?

Not every company have shareholder . Example company limited by gurantee with no share will not have shareholder they named as company member.

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