Why ACRA reject Company name application

Right business name is important for company image.

Company name will show the following information :

  • principal activities (consist of wording like import & export, trading, fishing)
  • Company structure (consist of wording holding means this company owned subsidiary company)

Although management is allowed to change company name but UEN number will remain the same .Reason to change company’s name can be due to change in management team, change in company image.

There is situation where ACRA object your name application.

Reason company’s name been rejected :

  • try to avoid sensitive wording like Minister, agency
  • company name is identical with the existing company name
  • Undesirable meaning (example offensive)
  • The name has religious connotations
  • Same as the name of another business

You may consider the following if name been rejected :

  • used same pronunciation wording

Example :

Seng replace with Sing, Sin , Sen

Wah replace with Wa, Hua, Hwa

  • Reposition the wording

Example :

Hair salon and SPA Pte Ltd

revised to be :

SPA and hair salon Pte ltd

Hair salon Pte Ltd

Hair treatment and SPA Pte ltd


  • What if management decide to have same name as it sole proprietorship to have better company structure image ?

There is impossible to have 2 same company name in operation ( ABC as sole proprietor and ABC Pte Ltd ) .

If management prefer to have Pte Ltd name same as sole proprietor, ACRA will request to terminate the sole proprietor within stipulate time.

  • Can i have company name with short form example mgmt instead of management ?

Yes, you are free to determine wording presentation.

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