Is director consider self employed


Every Pte ltd have list of appointed officer ( director, company secretary , auditor ) and each of them holding different responsible role towards company .

List of officer is engaged under Company name and in return company paying salary/ services fees for their services .

Question : Is director consider self employed ?

Answer is NO , let compare the Creteria via the following 2 different business vehicle :

In Pte Ltd Company

Director only appointed in Pte ltd company or public listed company.

Pte ltd Company carry Separate legal entity concept : Company will still exist regardless change in directorship .

Based on above explanation, Pte ltd is separate legal entity which make it can stand alone as legal person to engaged director services . So director is treated as employee of the company NOT self employed.

Beside that All the generated profit will be tax on Company tax level.

In Sole Proprietor

Any single individual can form sole proprietor . Business owner will consider self employed and all generated profit will be tax on personal level.

Business will cease operation on the business owner decision . Which means that this business is Non transferable like Pte Ltd


How to define self employed ?

Tax level playing crucial part here . Only Profit tax on personal level will be consider self employed.

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