Is director responsible for company debt

If you are engaged as company director services , you must wondering ” Will i liable for the company liabilities / debt ?” You may argue that Pte Ltd is carry separate legal entity concept, so i free from all the company’s liabilities. But there is always exemption scenario : When the director acting as

Disqualification of Director

WHAT IS DISQUALIFICATION Refer to person who is prohibited from acting as director and being involvement in the company management regardless directly or indirectly HOW WILL THE DISQUALIFIED DIRECTOR BEEN NOTIFIED ACRA will send notification letter with displayed of disqualified period ( starting date and ending date ) Disqualification by bankruptcy will notified by Official

Directors’ Fees vs Directors’ Salary

WHAT IS SALARY ? Salary refer to monthly amount of money given to Company employee based on his assigned job scope in the Company . WHAT IS DIRECTOR FEES ? Director fees is paid in recognized your capacity as Company Director . HOW TO DECIDE BETWEEN DIRECTOR FEES OR REMUNERATION ? Director salary and Director

Allotment of Shares vs Shares Transfer

What is share? Share refer to degree of your ownership in the Company You may owned shares via the following method : Subscribers of shares Allotment of shares Transfer of shares Shares qualification ( applicable to Company’s director only) Subscribers of shares Refer to person who owned shares during incorporation stage. They also called as

Resignation of director

Resignation of Company Director is often happen over the life of a Company. Resignation of Director can be caused by the following reason : Retirement plan Health problem New job opportunities Disagreement with the company management What I need to do ? check is that any signed contract example some of the company required to hold
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