Allotment of Shares vs Shares Transfer

What is share? Share refer to degree of your ownership in the Company You may owned shares via the following method : Subscribers of shares Allotment of shares Transfer of shares Shares qualification ( applicable to Company’s director only) Subscribers of shares Refer to person who owned shares during incorporation stage. They also called as

Resignation of director

Resignation of Company Director is often happen over the life of a Company. Resignation of Director can be caused by the following reason : Retirement plan Health problem New job opportunities Disagreement with the company management What I need to do ? check is that any signed contract example some of the company required to hold

How Many Directors Are Required For Private Limited Company

All Singapore registered Pte Ltd company is allowed to have single director who is local residential director. He or she must be  Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) status . What is Local residential director ? Local residential refer to director who ordinary resident in Singapore and is contactable . With effect from January 2016 director is

Differences Between Director and Shareholder

To¬†register Singapore company at least one of the director must be Singaporean, Singapore PR or Employment Pass holder, this is the minimum requirement we all well aware of . Why¬†director’s criteria so important? On the other hand ,100% ownership by foreigner is allowed for Singapore Registered Company. What exactly the different between director and shareholder


All the Singapore Company can increase their capital via issue of Ordinary Shares or Preference Shares. Ordinary Shares is the most common choice, if you held 1% of the Ordinary Share it means that you will have 1% of Company’s revenue .However this may be different from Preference Share which treated more like a loan
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