All Question About Paid Up Answered Here

Paid up refer to the total amount investment in the Company in return for the Company shares .

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Decide Amount of Paid Up ?

If you apply for Visa Entrepreneur Pass , Company must have at least S$50,000 paid up.

If you engaged business industrial such as travel agency, recruitment agency etc , company is required to meet the paid up requirement .

In normal circumstance, is depend on the business natural example if company dealing with trading activities of course more cash flow is important and paid up is 1 way.

What is Legal Currency?

Is up to management to decide . Mostly is depend on the business natural, if involved with International Transaction, of course USD will be good choice .

When must i deposit the money into company bank account ?

Company Secretary will need to have copy of bank in slip or any other documents to proof that the fund been deposit before lodgement with ACRA .

Must the paid up keep into company bank account ? when it can been withdrawn out ?

The paid up can be withdrawn out for the purpose of operation of company transaction example : pay rented, salary, purchase equipment etc

What is the implication of the paid up shares ?

Paid up share means the share value had been fully paid . And company will based on it to declare dividend.

Declaration of dividend is based on porportion of shareholding .

What is Partly paid up ?

When issued of new share, director should determine it should be issued as fully paid or partly paid share .

Partly paid up share means company only received the partial payment for the share .

Example : Company issued 100 shares with value of S$100 but received only S$50 .

For the balance of S$50 , company will call up in agreed due course .

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