Is Director consider Company Employee

There is 2 important role in every Pte Ltd : director and shareholder

Shareholder is consider as company investor. They agreed to invest certain amount of fund in return for share. Their main objective is hoping good return from their investment.

Whereas director is the one who run the dairy operation of the company which include :

  • company compliance matters
  • hiring of staff
  • handling sales and marketing

Since director is the doing all the operation job , is the director consider employee of the company ?

Consideration Point to confirm :

  • is there any signed employment contract?

Employment Contract

This contract bound between the employee with the Company. And it must prepare according to Singapore employment law .

Basic content :

  • Employee job scope and responsibilities
  • Employee salary
  • Termination notice requirement

If you are foreigner, contract will inlcude application of working visa and tax obligation.

Does director consider employee if they getting monthly salary ?

Although director name is on payroll , this cannot conclude that he is the employee of the company . Because this can be 1 of the method to reduce company tax .

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