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June 1st, 2018

All Singapore registered Company is compulsory to register for Corppass.

CORPPASS is a corporate digital identity for Company and is key to login transaction with government bodies.

Introduction of CORPPASS is another step to join digital business world .

All your question about CORPPASS is answered here :

Q1 What is CorpPass ?

Q2 CorpPass vs Singpass

Usage for CORPPASS for Company only ( ie to file Company Tax with IRAS) whereas Singpass is for personal matter such as to file Personal Income Tax

Q3 : How to create CorpPass Account ?



Q4 Every Company eligible to register for CorpPass ?

Yes as long as Company been issued with UEN number ( Company Registration Number )



Q5 Who authorised to apply for CorpPass ?

Registered officer in ACRA records such as appointed Company Director or Company Secretary

Q6 what is the important role in CORPPASS ?

  • is the officer whose name registered with ACRA
  • authorised to appoint and approved Corppass Administrator


  • authorised to create and manage Corppass account
  • can be held by RO


  • authorised by CORPPASS Administrator
  • need not approval from RO


  • create by Corppass Administrator or sub-administrator
  • to effect transaction with agency
  • to view detail of Corppass account


  • authorised by Corppass Administrator
  • to effect transaction with agency


Q7 .Can the  appointed role be change or terminate ?


Q8 How to register for CORPPASS ?

 Q9 What if I am owner for 3 different Company, i need to have 3 different CORPPASS account ?


Q10 How to activate  user account ?


Q11 How to reset Corppass password ?

Q 12 I am Business Owner, how do I authorised my Accountant to file Company Tax?

CorpPass: Assign Client Digital Service Access to Users – for Third Party Entity



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