How to check is the Company name available ?

You need to ensure that desire company name is available before proceed to company name reservation . Avoid selecting names which are: identical to an existing business. undesirable i.e. names which are vulgar, obscene or offensive. prohibited by order of the Minister for Finance. How to check is my favorite company name is available WITHOUT

Can Employment Pass holder become shareholder

Employment Pass holder is allowed to be appointed Company Director for the Employer company stated on their working visa. How about Employment Pass holder to become shareholder ? Can Employment Pass holder become shareholder of the company ? Yes Can Employment Pass holder receive director fees from the company ? Received Director fees will be


Company can recommencing dormant company at anytime . ANY COMPLIANCE ACTION NEEDED ? YES. IRAS COMPLIANCE MATTERS Company is required to notify IRAS within 1 month from the date of commencement of business. HOW TO NOTIFY ? Please email to together with the following : Subject title : ” Recommencement of business and request


What is Dormant Company ? ACRA definition : ” Company is consider DORMANT if NO accounting transaction occur “ IRAS definition : ” Dormant company means company does not conduct any business activities that generate income during financial year end “ Transaction does NOT have impact on dormancy of company : Interest from fixed deposit

Representative Office for Foreigner

BACKGROUND :  MR A plan to move his business footprint into Singapore . Please advise . POINT TO TAKE NOTE Mr A is foreigner who not holding any valid pass in Singapore what is his intention ( to study market ? to setup company ?) SOLUTION To setup Singapore Representative Office (SRO) Singapore Representative Office

List of Statutory Requirement for Singapore Company

Being business owner in Singapore , you must be aware of the following statutory requirement applicable to all Singapore registered company : Company Must Have a Registered Office All company must have registered office address. And you are required to declare during incorporation stage . Please note that PO Box DOESNOT allowed to used as

What is Unique Entity Number (UEN)

A Unique Entity Number (UEN) is a unique combination of numbers with alphabet automatically assigned to all Singapore registered business entity . ACRA will email you UEN once successfully incorporated. UEN detail : What is different between company registration number and UEN ? Previously different goverment agent assigned different number to company example : ACRA


    Paid up capital refer to a sum of money that shareholder PAID into company bank account in return for them being named as shareholder of the company. There is NO fixed amount to be invest, all is based on the agreement between shareholder and company. There can be ANY legal currency . How
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