WHAT IS Variable Capital Company(VCC)

What is VCC ?

VCC is a new Corporate vehicle tailored for INVESTMENT FUND activities . And it was launched on 5 January 2020.

VCC will be govern under ACRA and MAS .

Why to have VCC ?

You must be curious why we need VCC since we already have Pte Ltd, Patnership, LLP in place ? what so special about VCC?

One of the key benefit incorporate VCC is :

The used of Umbrella Structure

VCC is allowed to have different sub fund to share the same board of director, company secretary, auditor

Some other Benefit

  • can used for different fund strategies : Open ended, closed ended fund, retail finds
  • allowed to dispense off holding of AGM
  • no need open Register member for inspection
  • able to pay dividend out of capital
  • eligible for tax incentive
  • no capital maintenance requirement
  • Redemption shares is allowed

Key Officer

  • at least 1 local resident director
  • Company secretary
  • auditor
  • Fund Manager under MAS license

To help the initial setup, government had introduce Variable Capital Company grant scheme

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