Annual General Meeting (AGM)- Your questions Answered

Every pte tld company is required to held Annual General Meeting (AGM) annually. The main purpose is to review past year company’s performance .

Q1. What is Annual General Meeting (AGM) ?

Answer :

Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be held annually to approve  the Company’s financial report . All the company’s shareholder have their right to attend and is their chance to better understanding of company performance , future plan from the management team

Q2 : Annual General Meeting vs Annual Return (AR) ?

Answer  :

AGM refer to meeting held and attended by company shareholder . Annual Return (AR) is the action done by Filing Agent ie appointed company secretary agent to lodged account with ACRA

Q3. Exempted Private Company (EPC) means exempted from holding AGM ?

Answer :

No. EPC company is 1 type of Pte ltd company with NO corporate shareholder .

Q4. When is my AGM due date ?

Answer :

AGM can be held within 6 months after the financial year end date.

Q5. Will I be notify when is my AGM due date ?

Answer :

If you are Biztree Management client, we will mail you AGM reminder in advance and help apply extension of time with ACRA .

Q6. Can I file AR before the due date  ?

Answer :

Yes . But please take note that your AGM date will be early also and it will have effect on next year AGM due date (Refer to Q 4 )

Q7. What if director not able to sign the report ?


Please apply with ACRA ” Report to be sign by 1 director ”

Q8. Can I change the financial year end ?


Yes, please do so BEFORE due date and application extension of time . Kindly note that change in year end may cause effect on due date

Q9. Must the AGM held within Singapore ?


No . It can be held oversea or via tele-conference ( please check company constitution )

Q10. How soon we have to file AR with ACRA ?


within 30 days  after the AGM date

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