What is Certificate of Incorporation

You will receive official email notification confirming the incorporation of Company from ACRA.


With such email notification, is proof that company is successfully incorporated with ACRA and treated as separate legal entity with its own identity which allowed it to have :

  • ability stand on its owned
  • ability to own property by its name
  • ability to sue and be sued

Information shown on the E-Certificate of Incorporation :

  • date of incorporation
  • company official name
  • company registration number / UEN number
  • Type of Pte ltd company as follow :
  1. Exempt Private Company limited by shares
  2. Private company limited by shares
  3. Public company limited by guarantee
  4. Public Company limited by shares
  5. Unlimited Exempt Private Company
  6. Unlimited Private Company
  7. Unlimited Public Company

What if my company’s name changes, Do I need a new certificate of incorporation ?

You will be receive email notification called ” Certificate change of company name “

Apart from the NEW company name. all the detail shown on the certificate will be the same as the original certificate of incorporation .

How do i get physical copy of Certificate ?

If you need hard copy of the certificate, you may log in to www.bizfile.gov.sg to purchase .

Information needed to log in :

Upon log in , please click onBuy information”menu -> “Other Information” -> “Certificates”-> “Buy Now” ->Key in Company registration number ->Buy information ->click on the Certificate confirming incorporation ->make payment

Is the certificate recognized by other Country ?

Yes, it does. As it was issued by Singapore Government. You may required to notarized the documents before oversea used .

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