What If Director Received Summon From ACRA

Late filing of Annual return is the most common offence among director.

Authority had initial a serial of program to educate director such as Director Compliance Programme.

Beside that, to reduce burden of company, ACRA offer composition fine to all late filing company .

Composition Fine

Composition fine is amount offered by ACRA and is based on per  section late instead of based on number of days default.

Late lodgement fees

Whereas late lodgement fees is based on number of day late .

With effect from January 2016, ACRA introduce a flat rate of penalty as follow :


However it does not bring any sight of improvement, number of summon issued still in increasing level.

Once summon is issued , director’s attendance in court is required and the authority have right to restrict him from leaving Singapore  until the matters is settled.

 Summon From ACRA

Source information from ACRA

Not sure what is happen ?

You can arrange meeting with ACRA compliance manager (BEFORE court date)  to have

-better understanding of the summon.

-to reduce composition fine or late filing charges

Director is given alternative to appoint representative if unable to meet it personally.

To arrange appointment with Compliance officer, please email to acra_cd@acra.gov.sg

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